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Corporate Investigations & Whistleblower Litigation

Coburn & Greenbaum represents corporations and individuals in complex civil, criminal and regulatory actions brought by or against an array of governmental agencies. These actions include internal investigations in which our lawyers represent corporations, as well as Boards of Directors, committees of the Board, individual directors, officers, and employees. Given the governmental experience of our lawyers, we understand how to conduct an internal investigation for the corporation or its constituencies. We provide a searching, credible, and efficient investigation, which allows the corporation to limit or avoid liability altogether. Additionally, our prior government experience enables us to negotiate favorable settlements with the United States Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our lawyers also represent individuals in corporate investigations whose interests may diverge from those of the corporation. These individuals often face the unsatisfying dual prospect of job termination and trial. We provide viable solutions to such an individual’s multi-faceted concerns, which often include winning at trial.

Finally, our lawyers represent whistleblowers against corporations and government agencies. For example, we have represented a federal government employee reporting fraud at her agency and a doctor citing malpractice at a well-regarded state hospital. Our lawyers have the demonstrated real world and trial experience needed to hold large corporations and governmental agencies accountable.

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